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Orlando, FL

Damian Alonzo

I'm an esports journalist who covers Overwatch and fighting games, and the cultural significance of the industry.

My work has been featured on PC Gamer, Ginx TV, Unikrn, Heroes Never Die, and elsewhere. I interview players and coaches of Overwatch League almost every weekend for various publications, and I've recently taken up photography.



The MLB is Bringing Overwatch League to the Masses - Unikrn News

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Esports’ rising stars are transforming gaming culture

As esports grows into a billion-dollar industry, the only threat to its potential lies within gaming culture’s toxic lack of inclusivity. With the stakes growing ever higher, we hear from the pros determined to blaze a new trail. tepping into the Blizzard Arena can be a surreal experience. Converted from the original studio for The Tonight Show in Burbank, California, it’s now a state-of-the-art sports stadium for a new kind of athlete: professional video game players.

Ex-Mayhem's Cwoosh Takes His Skills to the Classroom with Learn2Esport - Unikrn News

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More problems with sexism mar esports’ start to 2019

“It’s really cool to see ladies playing,” Street Fighter commentator Let Blood Run said during a Third Strike match at Cooperation Cup just a few days ago. A decent enough statement, though the sentiment didn’t last long. “You know what? I mean, I respect it, but it also pisses me off when girls, like, just want to play Chun Li.
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Team UK pulls off the biggest upset in Overwatch World Cup history

Overwatch's Team USA were heavily favored coming into the BlizzCon finals, the annual capstone to Blizzard's Overwatch World Cup. Even the South Korean team, made up of some of the League's strongest players, expressed their concerns about the American roster coming into this weekend. Turns out, Team South Korea has a different foe to worry about: Team UK.
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The current Overwatch meta marks a golden age for team compositions

The current Overwatch meta is in one of the healthiest places it’s been in awhile. Following the release of the game’s newest tank, Wrecking Ball, a series of changes were introduced that made every support hero viable. In turn, this opened Overwatch up to many different compositions that actually worked.
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Muma Closes Out 2018 with a Shot at the World Cup

With the inaugural Overwatch League year coming to a close, ace tank Muma closes out 2018 with the World Cup alongside his countrymen - and an old friend. Over the course of the inaugural season of Overwatch League, main tank players rose out of obscurity and made names for themselves. The Houston Outlaws' own Austin "Muma" Wilmot started attracting attention last year during his days with the free agent team FNRGFE.
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HGC Western Clash 2018 Shows Continued Growth for HotS - Unikrn News

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Excelsior’s defeat to Philadelphia Fusion recalls LW Blue near-miss

The New York Excelsior forced a map five against a seemingly unstoppable Philadelphia Fusion at the Overwatch League semifinals. Tied at two points apiece, the NYXL needed just a little more distance on the Dorado payload to keep their post-season alive. As overtime burned away, Philadelphia’s hold proved to be unbreakable.
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The London Spitfire's Poetic Win Earns an OWL Semi-Finals Spot - Unikrn News

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Talespin's Return to Team Envy Sparks Overwatch Contenders Interest - Unikrn News

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Geguri is a solid off-tank, despite what critics say

The signing of Seyeon “Geguri” Kim by the Shanghai Dragons was met with plenty of controversy back in February. It followed a misunderstood social issue that dominated conversations at the time: why weren’t there any female players in Overwatch League? Now there suddenly was one, and she was playing for the worst team in the league.
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Damian Alonzo

Writing about esports since StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty. Los Angeles native.

Events covered:

Overwatch League (Attended as media)
Heroes of the Dorm (Attended as media)
Girls in Gaming Summit (Attended as media)
Overwatch World Cup (Attended)
Capcom Cup (Attended)
Overwatch Contenders
East Coast Throwdown
Texas Showdown
Combo Breaker
DreamHack Austin
AW Overwatch Monthly Melee
OGN Overwatch Apex
NGE Winter Premiere



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